If you want to learn a few simple yoga poses & exercises on your own before going to a class, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss a few basic poses like Hasta Utthanasana (Mountain Pose) and Balasana (child pose) to help you get started.

When you join a class, some of these poses are done in a particular sequence like sun salutations or Surya namaskara. But for now, you can start with these on your own. None of these require specialised attention. So, they are recommended for beginners.

  1. Hasta Utthanasana (Mountain Pose)

To get into the Mountain pose, stand up straight and balance your body on both the legs. Relax your shoulders and keep arms by your sides. Inhale deeply and raise both the hands over your head. Keep both the palms facing each other and hold the arms straight. Extend your arms skywards and bend back as much as possible without causing pain. Stay in the pose for 15-30 counts and continue breathing throughout.

  1. Balasana (or child pose)

The Child’s pose is easy. Sit on your heels with both thighs touching each other. This pose is called vajrasana. It will take a little bit of practice to sit comfortably in this position. Sit erectly and keep your back straight. Use a pillow under your buttocks if you find it hard to stay in this position.

Slowly roll your torso forward, bringing your forehead towards the ground and touch it. Put your arms ahead so they can relax. Breath from your lower diaphragm and relax. This is an excellent pose to close the practice. If you cannot touch your forehead to the floor, use a pillow. Gradually, you will be able to push further and touch the floor.

 Start your practice with these two poses, and you can continue other poses with a teacher.