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Top 3 Platforms To Host Your Explainer videos
When making your product explainer videos, the next thing that will linger in your mind is marketing them to maximize their reach among your target audience. While you can initiate your marketing campaigns to reach your customers, the easiest way is to host your explainer videos on various video sharing platforms. The beautiful thing about video sharing platforms is that millions of users visit them every day to search and watch videos that they like.
6-Follow these Strategies
One of the most critical elements of an explainer video is the script. While the graphics and voiceover are used to notch up an explainer video, the message is the essential part of it. A script carries the product message, which is why it’s regarded as the most crucial part of an explainer video. An explainer video script must be short (less than one minute) to attract and retain the attention of customers while explaining
Explainer Video SEO
Once you have produced your explainer videos, you will likely think of creating awareness for them. While there are numerous ways you can create awareness for your explainer videos, the best method is to upload them to YouTube. The good thing about YouTube is that millions of viewers flock it every day to watch videos. So you can get tons of views and direct people to your business website since YouTube allows you to embed