Explainer Video SEO: Strategies To Beef Up Your Explainer Videos’ YouTube Rankings

Once you have produced your explainer videos, you will likely think of creating awareness for them. While there are numerous ways you can create awareness for your explainer videos, the best method is to upload them to YouTube. The good thing about YouTube is that millions of viewers flock it every day to watch videos. So you can get tons of views and direct people to your business website since YouTube allows you to embed your website URL below the video. But before you upload your explainer videos to YouTube, you must create your YouTube channel, which will help you promote your videos and enhance your Google rankings. With that in mind, here are the strategies to enhance your YouTube rankings:

Know the goals of your explainer videos

The goal of explainer videos goes beyond views. There are other vital goals that you need to be worried about, a lot. The first goal is to rank high on keywords ‘’explainer videos.’’ The second goal is to ensure your explainer videos are the go-to resources when people are looking for those kinds of product videos in your niche. Lastly, the explainer videos should be able to solve customers’ problems. If your explainer videos can address these goals, then your marketing strategy will work.

Unless you have top-quality explainer videos, don’t bother uploading them to YouTube

YouTube has more than 1 billion users and more than half a billion people watch videos every day. No customer in this day and age will watch a boring, and generic explainer video. There is a ton of explainer videos on YouTube posted by large businesses and companies, and they are competing for the same audience as you. These large businesses and companies have the resources to produce high-quality explainer videos, which mean if you can’t produce the same quality as them, your explainer videos will disappear into the crowd.

Get to know SEO requirements for your Explainer videos

Many business owners tend to dodge the technical aspects of SEO when creating their explainer videos. However, for your videos to get the required traffic, they must rank high on YouTube and other search engines. To rank high on search engines, make sure to optimize them for SEO. Some of the best ways to optimize your explainer videos for search engines include using targeted keywords in your Video descriptions and tags, using the right video size and length, and including call-to-action at the end of the explainer videos.


This is a scratch on the surface of the things you can do to boost your explainer videos’ search engine rankings. You can start with the best foot forward in marketing your explainer videos if you implement these basic tips.