Top 3 Platforms To Host Your Explainer videos

Top 3 Platforms To Host Your Explainer videos

When making your product explainer videos, the next thing that will linger in your mind is marketing them to maximize their reach among your target audience. While you can initiate your marketing campaigns to reach your customers, the easiest way is to host your explainer videos on various video sharing platforms. The beautiful thing about video sharing platforms is that millions of users visit them every day to search and watch videos that they like. So you have a stable platform to harness prospective customers. The top 3 explainer video hosting and sharing platforms are discussed below:

1)   Top explainer videos hosting platforms # 1: YouTube

YouTube is the largest video hosting platform. Besides being a social network, it has a large community from all over the world. The numbers are impressive. YouTube boasts more than 1 billion active users every month. Now, that is a pretty remarkable platform to host your explainer videos and maximize your brand awareness. Not to forget that Google owns YouTube, so if you host your explainer videos on it, chances of them appearing on top of search results are high. Also, YouTube comes with features that allow for sharing, commenting and liking videos.

2)   Top explainer videos hosting platforms # 2: Wistia

Wistia is a great video sharing platform. It comes with a user-friendly interface, and it’s so easy to create an account on it. You are also free to brand and customized the video player. The unique feature about Wistia is the heat maps, which give you data on which parts of your explainer videos were watched, re-watched or skipped. The feature also gives you data on what other videos were watched on your Wistia account. Wistia comes with robust video analytics that gives you deep insights regarding your explainer videos’ performance, as well as interesting marketing tools. The platform also gives you the choice to include social share buttons, ability to harvest viewers’ emails and ability to add a clickable call to action.

3)   Top explainer videos hosting platforms # 3: Vimeo

While Vimeo is not as massive as YouTube, it’s a pretty good platform to host your explainer videos. It’s unique because it caters for professionals, such as film enthusiasts, designers and all kinds of artists. You’re at liberty to customize the video player and the entire visualization, an option no other video hosting platform offers.


Video sharing platforms have saved many marketers a ton of money that they could have wasted in the traditional and paid digital marketing methods. The good thing about these video sharing platforms is that you don’t have to pay anything to host your explainer videos on your site. They have a way of making money with your explainer videos to sustain the platform.

6-Follow these Strategies If You Want To Come Up With Short Scripts For Your Explainer Videos

6-Follow these Strategies

One of the most critical elements of an explainer video is the script. While the graphics and voiceover are used to notch up an explainer video, the message is the essential part of it. A script carries the product message, which is why it’s regarded as the most crucial part of an explainer video. An explainer video script must be short (less than one minute) to attract and retain the attention of customers while explaining the product comprehensively. How do you achieve that? Well, here are the strategies to help you achieve just that:

1.     Know the ins and outs of the audience the explainer videos are directed to

Before sitting down to write an explainer video script, take the time to know your target audience. Aspects you must know about your target audience include habits, likes, dislikes, needs, characteristics and much more. Knowing your audience is the only way to connect with your viewers through a script. Other aspects you need to research your target audience include their looks regarding dressing, age, where they work and live, where they like to hang out and any other information that can describe them.

2.     Follow the script structure of your explainer videos

Typically, a script has an introduction, the body, and conclusion. This structure enables viewers to follow your product message without getting lost along the way. The structure is also essential for the scriptwriter because it makes it easier for them to write the script. The script structure should include the what, the how, and the why of the product you’re explaining.

3.     Keep the explainer videos brief

An explainer video’s length is closely tied to engagement. In other words, the length of your explainer video will impact your engagement. So make sure your explainer video doesn’t exceed 90 seconds if you want your audience to watch it to the very end and engage with it. Ideally, 240 words are sufficient for an explainer video script. Simplicity is also key when writing your script. Don’t use words that viewers will pause to check the dictionary for.

4.     Focus on the benefits your explainer videos will offer customers

While it’s a good idea to talk about the features of the products you’re explaining, they tend to stretch out your explainer videos. Focus on the benefits of the product to make the videos short.


You now know how to produce top-quality explainer video. And on top of that, you know how to write short explainer video scripts. And not just a high-quality and short explainer video, but one that attracts, engage and sticks in the mind of customers, and these are the pillars of a successful explainer video.

Explainer Video SEO: Strategies To Beef Up Your Explainer Videos’ YouTube Rankings

Explainer Video SEO

Once you have produced your explainer videos, you will likely think of creating awareness for them. While there are numerous ways you can create awareness for your explainer videos, the best method is to upload them to YouTube. The good thing about YouTube is that millions of viewers flock it every day to watch videos. So you can get tons of views and direct people to your business website since YouTube allows you to embed your website URL below the video. But before you upload your explainer videos to YouTube, you must create your YouTube channel, which will help you promote your videos and enhance your Google rankings. With that in mind, here are the strategies to enhance your YouTube rankings:

Know the goals of your explainer videos

The goal of explainer videos goes beyond views. There are other vital goals that you need to be worried about, a lot. The first goal is to rank high on keywords ‘’explainer videos.’’ The second goal is to ensure your explainer videos are the go-to resources when people are looking for those kinds of product videos in your niche. Lastly, the explainer videos should be able to solve customers’ problems. If your explainer videos can address these goals, then your marketing strategy will work.

Unless you have top-quality explainer videos, don’t bother uploading them to YouTube

YouTube has more than 1 billion users and more than half a billion people watch videos every day. No customer in this day and age will watch a boring, and generic explainer video. There is a ton of explainer videos on YouTube posted by large businesses and companies, and they are competing for the same audience as you. These large businesses and companies have the resources to produce high-quality explainer videos, which mean if you can’t produce the same quality as them, your explainer videos will disappear into the crowd.

Get to know SEO requirements for your Explainer videos

Many business owners tend to dodge the technical aspects of SEO when creating their explainer videos. However, for your videos to get the required traffic, they must rank high on YouTube and other search engines. To rank high on search engines, make sure to optimize them for SEO. Some of the best ways to optimize your explainer videos for search engines include using targeted keywords in your Video descriptions and tags, using the right video size and length, and including call-to-action at the end of the explainer videos.


This is a scratch on the surface of the things you can do to boost your explainer videos’ search engine rankings. You can start with the best foot forward in marketing your explainer videos if you implement these basic tips.