Before any explainer video is created, a deeper look into the product and audience is done through intense research. This is to ensure that a compatible explainer video is created for maximum efficiency and achievement of the desired results. The most important step in the creation of an explainer video is the script. A script is the skeleton of the project with the storyboard coming in to flesh up and create a visual representation of the script. It is essential, therefore, that a suitable storyboard is created about the brand.

Focus on the Big Picture

When coming up with a storyboard one must not lose the vision of the video, the details are important but best worked out during the pre-production and production phase what is important during storyboarding is how the jigsaw of the big ideas fit together infused with enough details for the production team.


Keep the visuals simple and easy to interpret for the production team and limit what appears on screen to what is essential for communicating the intended message of the video. Skillful use of color, shape, and text should also be outlined in the storyboard since it is the map that guides every inch of the production journey.


Use a theme to help blend the colors, text, and message of the video. The storyboard is a base for the development of the intended theme in the message being passed across and also for the creation of a color palette to be used in the actual video. The focus should be placed densely on what the intentions of the video are and what colors to use while at it. Adjustments can easily be made at this stage of creating an explainer video about the feasibility of the script.

Use of Text

Text should be used albeit minimally. A good explainer video relies heavily on excellent visuals and high-quality sound. Using text sparingly in the storyboard ensures that challenges of using text are minimized considerably during the creation of the video. For storyboards, it is always about showing and not telling making it easier to show the vision of the explainer video rather than tell it.


Using the right format for the storyboard extends right into the format for the video. Cinematic approaches are best suited to create storyboards for explainer videos reason being that it is always easier to cut off the extra content that lacks content. Think ahead while creating storyboards and offers various scenarios that can be used to show the same things giving the production and marketing teams variety to choose from settling on that which best represents the brand.


An explainer video uses a storytelling kind of approach to effectively explain what is being sold. The storyboard is like a shooting script and dictates what goes on screen and what does not. It’s very important that there is a logical flow of events from the beginning to the end of the storyboard to effect the same on the video. As a visual representation of the explainer video, the storyboard should be logical and coherent.

The key tips used in creating a working storyboard speak toward the appearance of the end product and how consolidated the video is for immediate and future use. Creating a storyboard involves thinking about the vision of the brand and employ all tools necessary to create an effective show it all video that will appeal to the consumer. It also makes the work of the production and editorial team way easier.
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